Purpose First Ltd

Purpose First Ltd helps organisations to survive, and to thrive in uncertain times. As we face a slowing economy and job losses, many business owners are tempted to adapt by tightening belts, reducing production, laying off staff or pruning services. Yet these approaches all cause deep and lasting damage that is unseen and not currently costed out.  

These questions point towards ways in which we can help you surf the recessionary wave:

  • Are you sure that all your staff and suppliers have the same aims?
  • When you plan changes, how readily do they happen –and do they last?
  • Can your current methods really achieve that future?
  • How many of your people are happy at work?
  • What costs do you incur in losing a single customer? -or gain from a new one?
  • Is internal competition between departments more productive than cooperation?
  • Will your business survive under a ‘safe pair of hands’? -and do you now need a ‘slow burn’ or a step change in performance?
  • Who holds the information crucial to your success?
  • How clear is the future of your business?

Sometimes a rapid review of the range of purposes that actually drive behaviours is very revealing of for instance, wasteful over-competition.
The bottom line is that we can show you better ways to improve your business than cutting costs!  

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