John Morgan MBA MCMI AIEMA is the principal of Purpose First Ltd. He consults on business strategic planning, process improvement and redesign, and professional development for leaders; and speaks out on the need for healthier work organisations that go beyond mere survival, to become highly productive and enjoyable units.

Experience of more than three decades in both public and private sectors equip him to understand the opportunities and problems others face. He originally trained as an engineer and contract manager; but has also worked in diverse roles including: internal change agent, process improver; salesman; engineering designer; auditor, project manager and environmental consultant.

His specialities include assessing workplace culture, building capacity for change, finding ways to convey concepts, empathy with hard-pressed people, fresh strategic thinking, exchanging and building ideas, and forming connections between previously separate activity groups.

And as a keen motorcyclist, he also teaches the skills of advanced road riding and enjoys touring in the UK and abroad with friends and students.

Download outline CV as a PDF file – Click Here {Available soon or on request}

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